Sports Media Flash Internship Blog #2: Now What?

When I entered the Three Days in Sports Media Flash Internship, I wanted to take some lessons away from that I could apply to my life as a whole. I did not want to take the advice solely to heart in my work in sports. The alumni that I met and spoke with during this internship heavily impacted my view of the world around me and essentially encouraged me to be confident in interacting with others, and to put myself out there.

One thing I learned on this trip was to just put myself out there. I thought I had captured lightning in a bottle freshman year when Brian Kenny, my favorite baseball analyst, and sabermetrician, offered to speak at an M-SABR meeting in the near future. I had just helped to co-found the club at the time and we were not ready to bring him to campus, but I could not believe he responded! After this trip, however, I have ideas swirling all around in my head. I want to reach out to Justin Verlander and ask him to take an interview about his research on home run rates in baseball throughout 2017. I want to reach out to other student leaders in sports groups on campus and do whatever I can to collaborate with them as I continue my pursuit as a trailblazer on the sports analytics front on campus. In general, I just want to reach out more because of the advice I received on this trip.

The other piece of advice I received on this trip was to be more conscious of my relationships and to simply give more of my time to others. Stephen Master with Nielsen recommended that we go out at least five times per month with lunch or coffee with somebody we know in our field, just to catch up and grow the relationship. It was amazing advice and I hope to keep reaching out to everybody on the trip long after we get home.

Zane H

I am a rising junior at the University of Michigan double-majoring in Economics and English. I have a passion for creative endeavors of all kinds, but I am particularly drawn to sports research and journalism. I am currently an analyst for SB Nation's Bless You Boys and am co-president of the Michigan Society for American Baseball Research (better known as M-SABR). In addition to my sports research and journalism pursuits, I am an avid musician, singer, and writer.

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  • May 15, 2018 at 9:13 pm


    Thanks so much for taking the time to invest in this reflection. Our hope was that students would walk away with lessons and insights that influenced not only their professional careers, but also fostered personal growth. It seems that in your case, that was indeed the case. Thus, I’m really happy to read that was the case for you, Zane. The lesson to “put yourself out there” will prove invaluable. Have you given thought to what that really means though? Those first impressions matter, so how you approach those initial conversations/encounters is important. I think your idea to reach out to Justin Verlander is great. You may want to outline a plan of action beforehand though, ensuring that you are going to get the most out of the encounter.

    You allude to the advice by Stephen Master, and I’m glad that it resonated so powerfully with you. I think that his advice to connect at least 5 times per month, in person, is great advice. Now the question becomes, who are those 5 people and how do you identify them? Perhaps you can start by listing those who immediately come to mind and then going from there. What I’ve learned is that one connection often begets another, so keeping an open mind during those meetings is important, as you’ll often have chances to expand your network even more. And as we learned, relationships are widely important.

    Zane, it was great getting to know you over the course of this experience. From your wit to your humor to your surprising revelations (musician’s blood), you added a lot of positivity to the group. You made the experience what it was for you, and that’s worth you being happy with. Hope to see you around the Hub.



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