After participating in this Flash Internship, my future plans have greatly changed. I now have much more interest in taking high level communications classes, and am considering it more seriously as a possible major. I plan to take classes that have to do with sports media as well as other parts of the media to further the knowledge that I developed over the past three days. Also, I plan to follow up with many of the alums that we met throughout our time in New York and Connecticut. I have learned how valuable relationships are in the workplace and I now am going to prioritize making personal connections with people in the industries that I want to work in. I hope that cultivating these relationships will open me up for even more opportunities in the coming years. Along with the value of relationships, I also took away how special being a University of Michigan alum is after college. The willingness of all of the influential alums we met to help solely based upon where we attend college demonstrates how valuable it is to be able to say you go to Michigan. The maize and blue is rooted deep inside everyone who graduates, and it instills a desire to help your fellow Wolverines. Also, it gave me an even greater appreciation for the vast resources that the University has at its disposal. To have such powerful alumni so readily available makes Michigan a truly special place, with no real comparison.

Go Blue!

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  • May 15, 2018 at 8:52 pm


    Thank you for taking the time to invest in this reflection. Furthermore, thanks for being open-minded during this experience. There is no other way I could imagine you’d be where you are now: considering a change to your future plans. Our hope was that students would get a chance to deeply explore the industry, learn valuable lessons about the industry, and build connections that would be long-lasting and informative for the future. Your appreciation for all of those informs us that we were successful in designing an experience that matters to students.

    One of the things you mention in this reflection is a true appreciation for the impact of relationships on your ability to thrive in any industry. As a UofM student, there are so many relationships you can form. More than that, there are so many UofM alumni that want to have relationships with current students. They want to give back. They want to help students become what they aspire to be. That much was apparent to us as we observed the alumni-student interactions on Wednesday. Now that you have made these connections, how do you plan to further the relationships? You may want to consider how you can approach the interactions so that they do not feel you are just going to them to bleed them for information. Keep in mind what Adam Schefter said; do not just talk to people when you want something. Comment on work they have been doing and just have a conversation. The useful information and advice will come.

    It was great getting to know you during the experience, Tyler. You were insightful, a leader, and inquisitive. Your curiosity will serve you well as you continue to foster helpful relationships with people in whatever industry you pursue. Hope to see you at the Hub.



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