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This summer I am interning at FriendsLearn, a gaming company based in Chennai, India. The company, led by Michigan alumni Bhargav Sri Prakash, aims to subtly influencing kids to eat healthier through their mobile game Fooya.

Through the internship I hope to learn Unity, a major platform for game development. I also hope to be able to develop specific features of the game that I can showcase to other companies as I search for internships my Junior year.

A benefit of working at FriendsLearn is that I can work closely with the programmer, Punch, who is very knowledgeable about Unity and good at teaching beginners like me. Throughout this week, he gave me specific tasks to practice implementing, which helped me to learn some basic concepts in 2D development. I finished developing the prototype for the puzzle feature today and probably will present it tomorrow.

A challenge I probably will face during the internship is that the company seems to be a little unorganized. For example, we decided at the beginning of the week that the prototype will be done by Monday, but I did not get the UI until end of work on Saturday. If it keeps being an issue, I will talk more to Bhargav and Punch.

Overall I am happy about the first week of the internship XD






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  • May 15, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Dear Lan,

    I’m glad that you can work closely with Punch and are getting hands-on experience with Unity! This will be good to talk about in future interviews and applying for internships. It’s exciting that you have small projects so that you can monitor your progress. Small startups do tend to have less organization as everything is constantly changing, but I agree that is it a good idea to talk to Bhargav and Punch to understand the situation better.

    Hope your presentation went well,


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