#1 Diving in Face First

I am interning in the office of Julie Dzerowicz who is an Member of Parliament from Toronto. She represents a riding of almost two-hundred-thousand people. I got the internship through the Opportunity Hub, and the program is run through U-M Dearborn. In addition to the internship I also receive three credits of political science credit.

I wanted to do this internship because I am passionate about politics, and I am interested in international political systems. I thought Canada would be a good introduction to a system outside of my own because they speak English, and I already know a little bit about Canadian history. I also admire their government’s commitment to inclusion and representation — I feel as though that is something the U.S lacks.

I am using this internship to help me decide if I actually want to work in politics. I am getting a degree in both political science and economics, so I could go either way with my career once I am done with school. An internship like this will help me decide if I want to work in politics for the rest of my life. I also want to make valuable connections, so I can show future employers who I worked for and what I accomplished. One major goal for this internship would be to foster a good relationship with my MP and understand the Canadian system so much better.

One major challenge I can already see is the fact that I do not know as much about Canadian politics as the people I am working with. If it was the United States than I would feel much more comfortable being in Washington. I am afraid that the learning curve is going to be steep, and I will say the wrong thing.

However, I think I can work past those fears. I am already having a great time, here is a photo of me in front of parliament:



U-M student interning abroad in Ottawa, ON.

One thought on “#1 Diving in Face First

  • May 24, 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Thanks so much for your post, Annemarie! The learning curve of an entirely new political system with it’s own nuanced politics can definitely be a challenge, but I’m confident that the thoughtful determination and enthusiasm that you’re bringing to your internship will have you over that curve earlier than you might think. I can’t wait to hear now the next weeks progress!


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