After the Internship

Learning from alumni and hub coaches made a great impact on my personal plans in the near future. One of the main takeaways of the internship was “relationships, relationships, relationships.” I plan to stay in contact with friends, family, teachers, and mentors I’ve made along the way, even if it means going out of my way. This flash internship really taught me the value of relationships not only for networking and both personal and professional growth, but also for teamwork. Even though the internship lasted just three days, I felt as though I was able to establish good relationships with my fellow students, which was integral to our success and ability to rely on each other to broadcast the Farmington Softball game. While I want to maintain the relationships I have, I also want to forge new relationships with new people. Although I will be a sophomore next school year and am already involved in clubs and activities on campus, I will try my best to try new things, meet new people, and create new relationships.

Besides the importance of relationships, another key takeaway I had was the importance of curiosity. Curiosity can many things, including asking questions, willingness to help others, challenging the norm, and genuine interest in a subject. Demonstrating curiosity not only shows people how much you are interested in something, but how much you think about it and how much you are about it. Curiosity should naturally appear if you are doing a job you love. As an introvert who is often shy, I am a thinker more than a talker. While I possess a lot of curiosity, I often have trouble expressing it. The flash internship helped me come out of my shell in a professional environment, allowing me to ask questions, pick the minds of  successful, and speak my mind.

If I could do anything differently during the flash internship, I would have been more persistent in pursuing a continuing relationship with the alumni we met. Everyone we met was a true representation of the Michigan difference. No matter how busy these alumni were, they were willing to take time out of their day to meet with fellow wolverines, were easy to approach, and wanted to keep in touch. Although I improved over the course of the panel and trip in terms of talking to alumni and asking if they would want to keep in touch, I still would have wanted to be less afraid to speak up during the first day. However, like we learned over the course of the internship, your main goal should be to be better at the end of the day than you were at the beginning of the day. I feel as though I accomplished that.  

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