UNC Research Internship – Starting Out #1

I am now in my third week of my research assisting internship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have been enjoying seeing how planning a research study actually goes, as well as bringing it to fruition. I am assisting a public health doctoral student who is concentrating in health behavior, and I find the study (on consumer behavior in presence of health warning labels on sugar-sweetened beverages) to be very interesting! I was drawn to this study as I intend to earn a master’s degree in public health in nutrition, and I am so excited to do some hands-on work within the public health field. I think this will truly show me that this is what I want to pursue as a career.

We actually are conducting the study at the behavioral lab in the Duke University School of Business, so I actually have not been to UNC’s campus yet, which is funny. I am hoping to explore the cities of the Triangle, though! This is such a great area, and I am really considering pursuing graduate school here. I feel very lucky to get the chance to interact with other great institutions outside of Michigan and build connections!

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