3 Weeks Here – An Update | # 2


I’ve been here for three weeks and man have they flown by. I guess that (almost) always happens when you’re traveling somewhere, but still I think it means I’m having a good time!

Since my last post, I’ve figured out what I’ll be working on and have been working closely alongside two grad students and a post-doc here on three separate projects. I’m working on a study on mapping moral judgments and the evaluative domains we use to make those judgments, A longitudinal study on friendship, romance, desire, and hook ups, and lastly on a project examining the validity of the emotion ratings for images that are a part of the International Affective Picture System. It’s quite cool to be involved in so many projects concurrently– I’m performing different parts of the research process in each one so it feels like I’m getting a taste of everything. As far as the work goes the position has met my expectations, it’s lab work so sometimes tedious but almost always interesting.

Something I’ve been extremely happy about is the amount of communication I’ve been able to have with faculty and grad students here. All the grad students I’ve worked with have been totally willing to just sit down and chat about school and life, which just creates a great working environment. I have a weekly meeting with Professor Keltner here where we just chat about the work I’m doing as well as my plans for the future, questions about grad school, etc. This week I met with Professor Ayduk who studies relationships and social cognition, it was really positive and it was awesome to talk to more people about their research. I also have plans to meet with another Professor who studies emotion-regulation here (Iris Mauss) in early June, I’m really excited for that one as her lab and research interests align almost perfectly with mine.

All in all, it’s been great. Demanding, but stimulating.

Like I said before: good research with great people.

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  • May 22, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Hi Tyrone,
    I know I responded to your first post this morning – and just realized that you had shared a second update. I’m so glad that your experience continues to be positive and full of opportunity – and it does sound like it’s flying by! Thanks for sharing details about the projects you’re working, what cool experiences! It sounds like your ability to work with a range of projects and put your lab experience into practice has been fulfilling. Will you be able to bring back aspects of your work/skills you’ve developed to the lab you work with at UM?

    It definitely sounds like your colleagues and the chance to learn from and with them has been a major highlight. What a great way to build community (and a network!) and explore the different paths people have taken after undergrad. That’s great that you can connect with Professor Keltner each week – he sounds approachable and supportive as you look ahead to the future! What are some of your favorite insights you’ve gained from him so far?

    That’s perfect that you’ve been able to connect with additional professors at Berkeley! Your excitement comes across regarding the connection w/ Prof Mauss – I look forward to hearing what you learn about her research and the connection with your interests. You’re in the right spot this summer to explore your interests and build a network – kudos!

    Looking forward to your next post!


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