First Week in Japan

I have been in Japan for a week now, and today is my third full day at my internship site. After spending two busy days in Tokyo, I arrived at Moriumius surrounded by wide open spaces, fresh air, and the smells of really good food. My first day at Moriumius was definitely a little overwhelming as I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be getting tasks from or even if I was expected to do anything that day! But rest assured, I have gotten into a schedule, and although every day seems to be very different, I am more at ease knowing that the staff here is very friendly. Even this first week at Moriumius has encouraged me to acquire some healthy habits. Whether it be eating less processed foods (the food here is amazing!) or walking up hills to work each day, I am excited to connect more with important lifestyle changes I neglected in the academic year.

Our living situation is also unique!  The girls live in a traditional Japanese style house about a 5 minute walk from Moriumius. It reminds me tons of my grandparents’ house in Gumma, which is very comforting. The girls will often make dinner together- mostly leftovers, which is not a complaint! The other day I ate something called “turtle hands,” it was an experience!! 

Today is my first day off and I am looking to explore a little and enjoy the beautiful views of Ogatsu! Here, we are surrounded by the sea and forests, what more could I ask for! I am excited for the next few weeks filled with all different guests, food, and more interns!

One thought on “First Week in Japan

  • May 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Hi Ayako,

    Thanks for sharing your initial impressions of your internship! The lifestyle at Moriumius seems so different from Tokyo and everyday life here in Ann Arbor, and I’m interested to hear how the work, living, and surrounding environment affects the local community, health, and your lifestyle. I used to live quite close to mountains and waterfalls, and besides the physical beauty I feel like I felt much more connected with nature and mentally refreshed (provided there wasn’t a looming natural disaster). What drew you to this position?

    Excited to hear more next week,


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