My First Week at National Nail | #1

I am very excited to begin my summer working at National Nail. National Nail is an employee owned company based out of Grand Rapids, MI with around 150 employees. They are a nail distributor, but also are focused on innovation in their 3 distinct brands. My first week was focused on getting to know the company and the industry.
On Monday the 14th of May, I sat through a few meetings and was introduced to the other interns and new employees. I went to high school with one of the interns, Duncan, and the other intern, Carter, I new from playing golf. This made the first day not as awkward, and I knew that I would have some people to sit by at lunch the rest of the summer. My supervisor and the head of HR took us out to an Italian restaurant for lunch. They gave us backpacks, polos, and other National Nail branded items. Immediately I was given the impression that this is a company that wants to take care of its employees.
The rest of the week was more of the same. Wednesday, we spend the day with the President/CEO and he took us out for dinner at that same restaurant. There are plenty of other good restaurants around, but they just really like that place. After the end of this week I feel more comfortable about working in this industry and for this company. The building materials industry is growing, and many of the people in it are older men. Everyone I talked to said this is a great time for young people to get involved because many of these guys will be retiring soon. I’m not sure if I will end up working in this industry, but It’s nice to know that I will be getting exposure in a good field.
My assignment was also given to me at the end of the week, and I will be working in what they call the Business Technology department. There is a growing trend for companies to call their IT department BT, and from what I gather they are synonyms. There are two guys that work on the “Help Desk” and they respond to technical problems within the company and the manage the servers. There is another guy that is the main programmer and maintains the websites. My boss, Chris, oversees the department and he likes to say that he does a little bit of everything. This summer I will mainly be doing projects with Chris, but I will also work with the other three guys from time to time.

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