A Hot Start | #1

Upon exiting the doors of the airport in Taipei, I am hit by the extreme humidity and heat of Taiwan. My daily commute to work, although only involves 5 minutes of walking and the other 15 minutes by subway, has me covered in sweat. Turns out I was not the only one who thinks the heat is unbearable – my coworkers quickly assured me that it is unusual for Taipei to be this hot (hitting 95 degrees) in May. The office is a welcome escape from the heat.

As a Sales and Marketing Intern at Jobalaya (a tech startup), I get to sit in a well air conditioned room and write articles that will attract peoples’ attention and eventually lead them to buy the product. Because I am currently unsure of what field of work to pursue, I wanted to try my hand at Sales and Marketing and Jobalaya in particular drew my attention due their intriguing mission statement. They are an alternative to networking, making the job searching process easier for introverts. Since I am an introvert myself, it is a mission statement that I can relate to and am willing to pour my energy into.

The main purpose of this internship is to find out whether I can see myself doing Sales and Marketing long-term. Aside from this, I’m looking forward to learning about what it takes to run a startup. I think being able to work alongside the CEO herself (quite literally – she sits right next to me) is a learning experience in itself. Everytime I’ve talked to her she has provided valuable insight into various matters and given clear directions for me to follow. However, a real challange for me so far has been to write an article that is up to her standards.I can foresee this continuing to be a challenge as well as the fact that I have to continuously think up of creative new ideas to write about whilst maintaining the same drive I have for each one. Even so, I know this will be a very rewarding experience since my articles will soon be published on their official Website!

One thought on “A Hot Start | #1

  • May 22, 2018 at 7:44 pm

    Hi Sung Eun, YES the heat in Taiwan is insane with the humidity! I used to live there and surprisingly got used to being constantly sweaty…and actually felt cold getting off the plane in LA since it wasn’t 95% humid. :O

    Finding a position that allows you to explore your interests, learn from the CEO, and work towards a mission that you support sounds like a great opportunity for the summer. Another potential benefit is finding your own method of searching for future opportunities in a way that suits your personality.

    In regards to the challenge you mentioned, is there a way for you to shadow or partner with someone an on article to learn the writing standards, or if the CEO has specific feedback for you to incorporate? Figuring out the expected style is a large hurdle in developing content, but once you do so I’m sure you will have a lot to add to your portfolio!


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