The beginning of Beijing

So this blog post is a bit overdue… I have been busy creating investment portfolios/traveling to central China to visit family, so, my apologies!

Where do I start… I arrived in Beijing on May 5 and my first day of work was May 9. So I am currently in my second full week but boy does it feel like it has been significantly longer. My internship has been nothing like I expected. Not in a bad way at all, but boy has it been different than what I thought. At first, I pictured myself working in a corporate office with a bunch of people that I would barely get to know, when in reality I spend most of my days with my boss and he and I have gotten very close, as I have with my other colleagues. Also, I had no idea before I came here that I would be working with so many people who are not based in China. A lot of the people I work with (via technology, of course) are ranging from Germany all the way to Hong Kong.

One of the main differences is that I expected my position to be very “straight-forward” and focused on just one project, with a lot of instructions. However, my position entails a lot of different roles, has taught me how to be independent and has trained me to think open-mindedly. Because I am rarely given specific instructions on a task, this position has made me take initiative for myself and teach myself skills that I would not have had otherwise.

My internship has been similar to my expectations because my role is still very heavily focused on the financial analysis and operations side of the firm, and the firm is very dedicated to healthcare consulting and securing clients from various healthcare companies in the world.

Something that surprised me was the working hours. I was expecting each day to be structured and end/start at at the same everyday. However, in reality, it really ends when the work ends. This allows for flexibility and also allows you to make as large of an impact as you personally strive to.

Anyways –  I have to go research on Chinese Biotech/health investments now. Blog ya later!!! (I am so cheesy lol)

-Victoria Li

University of Michigan | 2020




2 thoughts on “The beginning of Beijing

  • May 27, 2018 at 11:53 pm


    I loved reading this blog post! It’s funny how we have s many ideas built up in our heads about what things will be like and how wrong we can be. It sounds like you have an amazing work situation, with very friendly people and a relaxed, but interesting, set of tasks.
    The photos looks great!!
    I’m actually writing this from Hong Kong, working with a few alumni here to source more internship positions! Have you been here? Will you visit? I leave tomorrow, but it is a an amazing place!
    What are your favorite places in Beijing so far?
    Are you in touch with the other U-M student working at A2 Pizza?


    • May 28, 2018 at 6:08 am

      Hey Rachael!

      Thanks for your response. I actually studied abroad in Hong Kong last summer and it is one of my favorite cities in the world. I don’t think I will have time to visit during my internship but I hope all is going well there for you. My favorite places in Beijing are the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, and Sanlitun. The area I work in is also very nice too – it is in Central Business District. I am not currently in touch with the other U-M student working here but would be happy to get in touch with him! Is there anyway you could give me his contact info?

      I look forward to keeping in touch.



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