Life in Lošinj | #2

It’s been a little while now since I arrived in Mali Lošinj, and so far, it’s been quite enjoyable. My coworkers are nice, the scenery is great, and the town is quiet—for now.

From what I’ve heard, Lošinj is actually a very popular tourist destination during the summer months. I have noticed a bit of an increase in foot traffic since I’ve been here, but it sounds to me like this place is going to get very, very busy. Unsurprisingly, it’s what keeps the local businesses thriving; a lot of shops around Lošinj are closed during the winter months, and rely entirely on summer earnings to function. It’s just another way that island life differs from life on the mainland.

I guess the whole concept of living on a touristy island has also been a bit similar to what I was expecting. The small language barrier, for example, has been no surprise. Apart from a few basic words, I don’t speak any Croatian, which of course doesn’t help anything. Thankfully a lot of shopkeepers, locals, and visitors speak a little bit of English. I’ve found that whenever I enter a small shop or market, greeting the person/people working there in English usually spares a bit of confusion down the line. German is also a somewhat popular language here, and even after finishing my 4th semester of learning it just last month, I still feel a bit hesitant to use it when trying to converse with locals. Hopefully that will change with time.

I’ll leave you with a picture I took from a viewpoint last week, which overlooks the town of Mali Lošinj and most of the island itself. Trust me—the view was even better in person.

Til next time!

One thought on “Life in Lošinj | #2

  • May 22, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Wow Sebastian!! Beautiful photo.

    So interesting to hear about island life and how it differs from the American 9-5 work culture. How does the work culture at Blue World interact with the tourist season? I agree that it can be quite challenging initiating conversation in a foreign language – maybe if there are German conversation tables, events, or restaurants that might be a good place to start?


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