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My second week at GTEC was amazing! My boss and I went to Cube Tech Fair because she was one of the panelists. I got to see tech startups from all over Europe and the projects that they have been working on. One thing I find very interesting after working at GTEC is that we usually think corporates as the giants that are traditional, inflexible and bureaucratic, but what I see from the tech fair and the relationship that GTEC has with corporates, I realized that there is another side of corporates. Companies like PwC, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank and Union Investment are actually very involved in the innovation field. They not only have their own innovation hubs or unit but also have the resources or relationships with Startups. This makes me think about how big companies also want to adapt to the fast-changing world and they don’t want to get behind at all.

In addition to the Cube Tech Fair, GTEC also hosted the world’s first PropTech (Property Technology) Innovation Award. The winner could win 40,000 euro. The finalists from 28 countries attended the pitch and there were investors there to ask questions. I’ve only watched the Shark Tank before but never gone to a live pitch. It was great to see the tech startups pitching their ideas. The use of technology includes augmented reality, smart glasses, operation AI  and blockchain. It was very interesting to see how technology can impact the real estate businesses.


These events were located at different places in Berlin so I also got a chance to explore places that I’ve never been to. The weather has been very good and it’s always sunny. I hope to continue enjoying it!




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  • May 24, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    I am so glad to read that you are having a fantastic experience in Berlin, Piaoyang! Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Germany, so reading your post brings me back to my time there. The pitch contest sounds fascinating, and I loved reading you explain how some of the large companies that we often think of as “static” are actually bustling hubs for innovation. It sounds like you really enjoyed getting to accompany your supervisor at the Cube Tech Fair, so I’d definitely recommend that you continue to ask for access to similar events in the future. These can be a great way to help you explore different companies (and sometimes even different industries) and position yourself for success after graduation.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences this summer!


    Ian Baker


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