Week Two: Stamp and Seal

Week two at the Ecology Center has been interesting. I was surprised by how informal my work is. For example, last week one of my bosses, I have two, told me she doesn’t come into work on Fridays and if my other boss didn’t have anything in the office for me to do I could work from home. I was thoroughly shocked, but this type of schedule is very common for nonprofits. Many people work long hours on Tuesdays through Thursdays and then not at all on Mondays and Fridays. It reminded me of those students who schedule their classes in order to have the longest weekend possible. I ended up coming into the office to work with Julia, but it was nice to know in the future there is an opportunity for me to work from home. This past week, Julia, another one of my bosses, and I finished the mailing list, which consisted of lots of stamping, sealing and folding of letters and envelopes, as you can see in the image below. Here at the Ecology Center, they still do many mailings by hand to show donors their personal touch and how much they value their support.

Outside of the mailing I began working on a car seat campaign. The center is trying to raise money to continue their study of flame retardant chemicals in car seats, with these studies they push larger corporations to change their improper practices and inform consumers how to make healthy choices. Currently car seats use many toxic chemicals that are linked to endocrine disruptors, lower IQ, reproductive health issues and an increased risk for cancer. It is really impressive that the Ecology Center is able to do the research here in house and create change in such a large market like car seats.

All of the work here seems to be disjointly connected from healthy stuff and toxins to food to energy, but today we had a moment that connected them all. There was a full staff meeting where we listened to a lecture on plastics. One of the women who works here attended a conference in Texas. We all listened to her lecture and it was great to see everyone’s passion and interest in her talk. She mentioned how it relates to each of our teams and how we all play a role in this movement. It was a rather pleasant morning.

While I find mailings to be a bit dull and not all of my work is exactly what I would have expected I still find myself enjoying my time here at the Ecology Center.


Caylin Luebeck

One thought on “Week Two: Stamp and Seal

  • May 23, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    Hi Caylin,
    I enjoyed reading your “stamp and seal” post – and your thoughts as you shift into Week 2 at the Ecology Center. You do such a great job articulating the work you’re doing and how it plays a role in the wider organization – sounds like it often may be “all hands on deck” when certain tasks need to be accomplished! You mentioned that it hasn’t been exactly what you expected – I’m curious what aspects had you thought might be different, and does that shape what opportunities you might look for in the future?

    The schedule definitely sounds different than expected! What are your thoughts on the flexibility? Do you like the idea of flexing hours/working from home, or do you prefer having a more set routine?

    That’s amazing that the Ecology Center leads research in-house that impacts decision-making and development in the broader market. How do they determine which topics to raise money for and spend time researching? I’m glad that you get to be part of the process for the car seat campaign!

    Looking forward to your next post!


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