My First Internship Experience | Blog #1

After countlessly applying and searching online for months, I finally found an internship that I both wanted to take and also wanted to take me.

Starting in September, I began the search for an internship because I knew I wanted to gain experience this summer in the industry I may potentially spend my entire life working in. School got busy, as it always done, and my applications for internship positions went out less and less frequently as time went on. The career fair arrived and I realized I needed to focus more on finding an internship or else I’d end up being left without one. Nothing ended up panning out from the career fair for me, so I asked a few friends for advice and help finding an internship. One friend referred me to AngelList where I was able to search for an internship position with startup companies. I ended up applying for over 60 different internship positions through the site, and interviewed with a small handful of these companies.

After a week of various interviews, I came across a company that particularly interested me, Court Buddy Inc. Their commitment to changing the legal sphere and success after only 2 years was a huge plus in my book, and so I decided to apply. I interviewed with the CEO who then sent me on to a second round interview with his co-founder. I absolutely loved them as people, as they were both so genuine and passionate about making legal services accessible for everyone. Even though I had no prior legal background, I saw huge potential in the company and the impacts I could make as their marketing intern. The company’s co-founder also had a similar story to my own and we connected so seamlessly through our first conversation. After the two interviews, I was given an offer and shortly after decided to become a part of the Court Buddy team!

Great, I finally found an internship! This is what I had been wanting for basically the entire year. Now, off to tell my parents I’ll be moving out-of-state for the first time ever from Michigan to San Francisco, California. Let me tell you, that was an interesting conversation to have. They were happy for me and the excited, but also scared for me and the huge shift in my life this would cause. I was also a bit worried and concerned, but also extremely excited for my first time going out to California and experience working at a startup.

Since arriving here in San Francisco and starting my internship, so much has changed in my daily routine. I have so much to see, so much to learn, and so much to discover, which excites me. Working at a startup has been such a great experience, I have so much freedom and say in what projects I take on and what I do during the internship. I have been given the opportunity to learn about the entire inner workings of the company, not solely focusing on the marketing for the company. My team is extremely collaborative and we have regular ideas sessions to constantly improve the company. My role has been working on a lot of the social media for the company as well as creating future marketing campaigns that I will help execute. I have also been given the opportunity to learn more about helping our clients through our online platform. It has been great to learn and gain skills in multiple parts of the company and input my ideas and have my voice be heard.

I’m excited to see what my internship brings as I continue to learn and grow from my coworkers and my own endeavors this summer.


One thought on “My First Internship Experience | Blog #1

  • June 7, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    Thanks so much for your first post, Stacie! I’m Jamie – Internship Coordinator at the Hub and I’ll be following your blogs this summer. First – I’m so glad that you were persistent with your summer plans and were able to find such a great fit with your internship. The search can definitely be brutal, but when it pays off it really pays off!

    Also, congrats on the cross-country move! I’m from Michigan and made my first trip to San Fran last month. I’m so jealous that you get the spend the summer there – I loved it! Definitely an adjustment from Michigan.

    It also sounds like you’re settling in great at Court Buddy! I can’t wait to hear how your internship progresses in your next posts!


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