Week 2 at Jobalaya

I have now completed week two of my internship at Jobalaya! The biggest challenge I have faced here is the heat… A typical Taipei spring/summer day is about 95 degrees Fahrenheit with approximately 75% humidity. Luckily all of the subways have the air conditioning on high and my apartment and office are kept very cool. I thought after going to school in Michigan I had seen all the extremes of weather, but now after this trip I can confidently say I have.

Every day for lunch we all go out to eat. Since the company is a small tech startup, there are only five people in the office, including myself. Because of this, we can go to little local restaurants daily. While I haven’t tried any foods that are particularly crazy, I have had the opportunity to try many different typical Taiwanese lunches. Going to these local restaurants has also allowed me to practice my chinese language. A huge goal of mine for this trip was to practice my chinese, and that is undoubtably being accomplished. Many restaurants that we go to for lunch do not have english menus and do not speak english. It has been incredible meeting the locals that work at these restaurants, they are all so kind and willing to work with me when I don’t understand the full meaning. Everyone I have met here thus far has been extremely friendly, and I cannot wait to continue to interact with many of the locals.

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  • June 8, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    Hi Emma, what a great chance to practice your Chinese and to explore Taiwanese cuisine with your coworkers! The humidity and language barrier can definitely be challenging, but I’m sure the locals will appreciate the effort to continue learning! Excited to hear about how these local interactions go in the next few weeks. When I lived in Taiwan, one of my friends (who did not speak any Chinese before moving there) became a regular at a coffeeshop and practically got adopted into the little family that owned it, and they still keep in contact!


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