Experimentation | #2

Since I have any extra day of my internship each week than most people do, I decided that I wanted to use that day to experiment in each of the other apartments on Fridays, my extra days. I’m really excited to be able to use this opportunity to expand my understanding of the news industry as a whole. Though I am thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle department and my interest grows everyday, I think it will be interesting to see what goes on in other departments like promotions, news, production, etc. And who knows, I may just discover that that’s where I prefer more (I’m doubting it though).

This past Friday was my first experiment day, and I decided to sit in on the assignment desk and control room for Daybreak, the 4:30am news. I had to get there at 3:15am, and it was definitely a completely different vibe being there 5 hours earlier than usual. Despite being extremely tired, I feel like I did learn a lot. It was interesting seeing the hustle of a live filming. Eightwest and Maranda Where You Live, the two shows I work with, are made to look live, but are actually aired a couple hours after they are filmed, so I hadn’t been exposed to the on-your-feet thinking that is necessary for a live broadcast. When I was sitting in the control room in the middle of the broadcast, one of the reporters was told she could not be on the property they were filming on, a location necessary for the story. So they had to adapt and try to figure out the next best plan of action. It was really cool seeing how they worked together as a team to re-arrange the stories to give them time and to figure out that solution.

I really enjoyed my time that morning. Though I definitely prefer the content and time slot of the lifestyle programming, I know that realistically, starting out in news, it’s likely that I will get a less than ideal time slot like 3 am, so the exposure was nice. Also, I was sure to make a good impression on the talent and crew there to ensure that I could potentially be making some extra valuable connections that would not have been possible had I just stuck with my normal day to day lifestyle duties.

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  • May 30, 2018 at 1:56 pm


    Thanks for posting another thoughtful reflection on your experience!

    First off, I really want to commend you on taking the initiative to utilize your extra day as an opportunity to seek out experiences that allow you to learn more about your organization. It’s not just a wonderful way to learn more abut your organization and your field, but also a tremendous opportunity to network with potential mentors and colleagues. It also communicates a lot about your work ethic and initiative, so keep up the great work!

    I’m glad that you’re spending your observation time thinking critically about how you see yourself in these multiple roles, and I am impressed by your ability to think rationally about what roles may be open to you as a new professional in this field. How could you maximize this observation experience? What questions could you come up with to ask some of the professionals in these different roles? Perhaps they can give you some information that can inform your decision-making moving forward.

    I’m glad that you seem to be getting a lot out of this experience! I look forward to reading more as you progress through your internship.



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