When do we explore? #3

And just like that, we are almost coming to a close towards the end of May! Week 3 in Chennai has so far been well; I’ve been slowly starting to do the work that I wanted to which is concept art and visual development – learning how to conceptualize how certain things look in the game. In FriendsLearn, I’m learning how to create weapons and special features that can be used in the game. On my own, there’s a lot of work there in itself just thinking of the best way to conceive certain things and how ideas can be pushed further. It’s sometimes challenging and frustrating to have ideas realized and then have to start from scratch because the initial idea wasn’t working out, but that’s a learning curve for me as well within the industry – even if you have full conceived an idea, it may not fit well with the game mechanics and you’ll have to start all over again.

Outside my own work but well within the company, another artist intern who’s a freshman is working on adding a comic book feature to the game. Essentially you collect panels of the story at different levels and then join them together to tell the story within the game! We have two other programming interns from UM who will help implement the features we create in the game.

Now, outside of FriendsLearn, we haven’t done that much of exploring in Chennai, given the six week work schedule! So far, the trips have sadly been to the mall and back. But now that we are well adjusted to the work schedule, it’ll be easier for us interns to plan where we would like to go and how to go about it. We just need to plan! If only we could get past the heat. Although I am ethnically from India, living in Ann Arbor for the duration of college has made me feel differently to the weather in India – I am no longer able to adjust to the heat as well as I did before!

But it should be all good. I’m hopeful that we can plan and arrange something fun that us interns can do outside the internship!

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