Expectation vs. Reality #2

So far my internship has been pretty close to my expectations. I worked in this lab for UROP previously and the summer has been like a continuation of the school year. That being said, there are a few distinct differences. The seniors that did most of the work in the lab previously have either graduated or vastly cut down on their hours. This change has been both a blessing and a curse. I have more responsibilities and freedoms, but also less guidance. I hope that this change will allow me to take on more of a leadership role and that I will be forced to learn new protocols quickly. So far my mentor has been gradually allowing me to do more and more experiments independently. I am excited to fill my lab journal with new protocols and experiments.

I am surprised by how quickly working at the lab has become routine. I look forward to my work and am excited about the focus of our research, sepsis. I enjoy the mouse surgeries and look forward to performing a few solo surgeries this week. I am pleased with this experience so far and look forward to learning even more in the coming weeks.

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