First Few Weeks | #2

My internship has not differed too much from my beginning expectations because I am returning to the company from last year. There are some things that are different than my experience last summer though. Considering Faraday Future is a start-up, there have been many team members that have came and left since my time here over 9 months ago. Management and the purchasing hierarchy on the supply chain team has changed dramatically, as my manager from last year has left the company. Although the dynamic has changed, I am still performing the same, if not similar tasks, as I did last summer, so my expectations and the ease of starting a new job has not been too difficult. One thing that has surprised me though is seeing how having a male manager is different than a female manager. I feel much more pressure this year with my male manager than I do with my previous manager last summer who was a female.

The locals to LA are very interesting. The people that I have met have been a mixture of beach lovers (the surfer crowd) and young people in their twenties who have big dreams of making it in the music/film industry (everything you would expect when moving to LA). The interesting thing though is that living in my small town within LA, there are many surfer gangs that exist on different beaches who do not allow you to surf there unless you are a local member of the gang! Although this is bit scary, it has taught me that people are extremely loyal to their roots here and I respect that greatly. I hope to engage with the local community once it is nicer out (after June gloom in LA) and take up surfing lessons!

My first mistake that I have made this summer in my internship was a mistake that I’m sure many students/interns my age have made or will make. In the middle of a meeting, my manager asked to speak with me outside of the meeting room. He told me not to worry though I still did. He said that I have been on my phone too much during the meeting. It was an all-day meeting (9-5) so I had to handle phone calls and emails with other co-workers and suppliers that we work with, so it was essential to communicate on my phone throughout the meeting, to a certain extent. Although he told me he was not upset at all, my manager said that you miss a lot of information when you are not fully attentive in a meeting (equivalent to if you are texting or on social media in class). It was a learning experience for sure!

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  • June 6, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Isabella, the mistake you bring up definitely is a common one, and one that has to be felt out in each new work environment. I’ve been in work environments on both sides of the spectrum and as a result, whenever I’m in a newer work environment I try to observe the culture of the organization I’m in with regards to what’s an acceptable electronic use during a meeting. It’s also interesting to think about how a computer open during a meeting may seem ‘less rude’ then responding to the same emails on a phone or a tablet even though it’s taking your attention away from the meeting in the same way. It’s great that your manager was able to express his preferences early so you know what he’s expecting from you from now on.

    You’re also bringing up an important tension with the phone use mistake that’s present in a lot of work environments: while you’re in a meeting how do you address all the other work that is piling up or might need your attention without being rude or disengaged? If you haven’t already, this could be a great question to bring up with your manager. What are his strategies? Are there any acceptable times to excuse yourself to deal with an important request?

    Also, so interesting about the surfer gangs! I grew up in Michigan so this is totally new to me! I can’t wait to hear how your surfing lessons go after the June gloom!


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