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I am just starting my internship as a research assistant in the Hankenson laboratory. What drew me to this particular opportunity was that I wanted to continue doing research similar to what I have done last summer which was in orthopedic field. Also during my interview I was really drawn to the people and atmosphere in the lab. My mentor has a great attitude and is extremely motivated. The other people in the lab are also very friendly and helpful. This summer I have set a couple of goals for myself specific to the research we are doing. I want to work on my scientific writing and actually write a portion of a paper that is published, make figures for a paper that is published, and I would like to add new skills that I can use in the lab such as surgery and staining techniques. These goals I believe are achievable and will make me a much better scientist. I do foresee some challenges for this summer. One such challenge being understanding the sometimes intense scientific language that comes with this field. Similar to this challenge I foresee scientific paper writing being a hard skill to acquire taking a lot of practice to master.  The lab skills will also be difficult to master but I greatly look forward to taking all of these things on and learning all that I can from this internship.

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  • June 1, 2018 at 8:16 pm


    My name is Ben Anderson, I am the Director of the Internship Program within the LSA Opportunity Hub and I’ll be following your blog throughout the summer. It sounds like you have an exciting summer ahead of you filled quite a few opportunities to learn. In addition to the tangible goals directly related to the experience, I encourage you to use the summer to explore your professional interests to learn about the paths that your lab mentors took to their current role and to identify and reach out to individuals outside of the lab who hold a role that you are interested in… from your entry, it sounds like you’d be interested in connecting with a surgeon!


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