Moriumius week 3 and 4

I am half way done with my internship at Moriumius! I am sad as a result! However, I am super excited for what all is in store. These past two weeks were pretty slow as there weren’t many guests staying with us. For a handful of days, me and the other interns were left in charge of feeding the animals and looking after moriumius while the other employees were doing a business trip in Tokyo, and I think we accidentally lost 5 chickens during this time. RIP.

Regardless, we enjoyed the time to study and work on our personal projects. 

We visited the GIEU Ishinomaki cohort at Hashidori commons to learn about their study abroad experiences with the Ishinomaki 2.0 companies! It was super fun because we were able to eat ramen and chocolate and buy snacks – all good things.


I also finally behaved like a true MRunner and actually went on a run. I’m happy I did because I was able to see this ~cool view~ 

One of my goals for the rest of this internship is to run more so that I can explore the Ogatsu region better. I also want to actually put an effort into practicing speaking Japanese because I am terrible at it and need to practice at some point. As I have said for the past 4 weeks, I will start tomorrow.

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