Blog #3 – Delhi Belly and Professional Identity

This last week has had many highs but also many lows. My stomach was able to handle Indian food and all of the different spices and ingredients, and I found myself actually having more energy because the food was less processed and I was not eating as much sugar. I was feeling adventurous and when my coworkers invited me to eat street food with them, I said yes. It did not take long for the stomach pains to start and I instantly regretted my decision. Yes, the momos were delicious but not worth the miserable two days that would follow. I slept for more hours than I spent awake and my bathroom floor got more attention than my bed. I tried to show up to work, but my coworkers felt so bad for me that they sent me home. Although I would not wish this sickness on anyone, it did make me stronger.

This was the first time I was seriously sick and was away from home, so I had to be independent at a hard time. Before this week I was struggling a little at work because of the freedom and lack of direction. However, there was something about being sick that gave me the strength and confidence to create my own projects and ask for help and input along the way. I think my boss wanted me to prove myself before she gave me any large projects, and now, she trusts me with all of the social media as well as the website. It took me longer than I would have liked to reach this point in my internship, but I am glad that I finally found my role in the NGO and can be a vital part of the team.

2 thoughts on “Blog #3 – Delhi Belly and Professional Identity

  • June 7, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Wow Sara…how amazing that something so good can come out of being sick! You certainly are a very strong person, and it is impressive how you turned this around.

    I’ve been to India several times…sometimes its just the water that makes me sick, but it’s very common indeed. Do you have Immodium with you?

    • June 8, 2018 at 4:06 am

      Yes, I have immodium and after a few days of taking that I felt much better.


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