First Week | #1

This summer, I will be in Cleveland until August 10 doing a 10 week internship at KeyBank as an Quantitative Risk Management Intern. To be fair, I’m not really sure what exactly I’m doing. So far, I’ve only received a fairly vague description of the job, but tasks? No idea.

It’s only been two days of the internship, but orientation from 8-5 has been really draining. I can see other interns falling asleep during the numerous orientation lectures. So far, I do like it here. My roommates have been great and we all get along extremely well. I can definitely see myself having a really fun time with them for the next 10 weeks.

I am nervous about my job though. I’m the only quant intern doing credit portfolio analysis, so no other intern to really talk to, I guess. I think with the mentorship I’ll be getting, I should be fine. I really hope my actual work will be something I enjoy doing!

Besides work, I’ve explored the city with my roommates and another friend. Notably, I really enjoy checking new food places and cafes.

Sandwiches: Herbs ‘N Twine – got the turkey sandwich and it was delicious (~$10)
Cafe: Duck Rabbit Coffee – affogato, which is ice cream in espresso (~$5)
Desserts: Mitchell’s Ice Cream – mint chocolate ice cream (~$3.75 for one big scoop)

I highly recommend these places if you are in the area! Definitely will check out more cafes in the coming weeks!

One thought on “First Week | #1

  • June 6, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Hi Ailun, I’m Maggie and I work at the LSA Opportunity Hub. I’m going to be following your blog this summer. I’m excited to hear more as you get into the weeds with your work at KeyBank!

    Day-long orientations can be so exhausting, no wonder you’re drained and the other interns are falling asleep! I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting along well with your roommates and having fun exploring Cleveland and the food scene. That’s my favorite thing to do when I’m in a new city, too. I’m craving an affogato now that I read your post!

    It sounds like you’re feeling nervous about your internship because you’re the only intern in your area and you don’t yet have a clear idea what your tasks will be. Both of those reasons are totally understandable! It must be hard to take in the orientation without knowing how you will apply it directly to your work through tasks. Given that you are in this orientation with other interns, you may be able to develop relationships with some other interns. Even if you’re not doing the same type of work, there may be things you can learn from each other.

    I’m excited to hear more about how you are settling in at your internship. I hope you have a clearer idea of your tasks now!



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