Settling into the office | #3

This week I was now getting settled in to my normal assignment. Monday morning began with an hour meeting with the rest of my department to talk about our weekend, and the week moving forward. My boss likes to have this weekly meeting to stay in touch with the rest of guys and show that he isn’t only their boss. I like this meeting too because the guys in my department live interesting lives. One of the guys, Jeff, is a semi-pro bike racer and does 100 mile races! I get tired after a couple of miles so I couldn’t image doing a 100 miles. I also like getting to hear about the projects the other guys are working on and see how they relate to mine. I’m getting involved in one of their projects to rewire the conference room. The conference room currently has a TV on a roll away cart, but we are going to put in a permanent short throw projector. We came in at 6am on Wednesday morning to run the cables so we didn’t disrupt the normal workflow.
This week Thursday and Friday I worked with Jeff to set up two security cameras next to our loading docks. He had me do the dirty work of running the cables from the server room, through the rafters, and to the wall where the camera would be mounted. The part that was dirty was crawling through huge cobwebs in the rafters. Thankfully I didn’t see any spiders. They also made the mistake of letting me use power tools to drill holes through the 10-inch concrete bricks. I mean I could have really done some serious damage to the outside of the building, but by some miracle the holes I drilled were clean and I didn’t need any redos. I also learned how to wire a cat6 cable for an internet connection. Not to brag but the cameras turned on and connected to the internet first try.
During this week I also sat in on phone and skype meetings with my boss, Chris. He is working to transition our customer relation management (CRM) application to a newer software with a company out of Nebraska. This involves migrating a large about of customer, vender, product, and sales data from our 15 year old system to something that is much newer. From these meetings I gained familiarity with our current system, and learned a little about the new one. One of my projects this summer will be to help Chris in this transition that has already been going on for a few months. The transition won’t be ready to roll out until February of 2019, so I won’t play a huge role in this project. This week overall was another one where I learned a lot, but I feel that I also did a lot for the company. I always want to make sure that National Nail is getting as much out of this internship as I am, and I don’t want to be dead weight. Right after we installed the cameras, the shipping director came to our office asking for the footage. There had been a truck that was given the wrong shipment, and with the footage from the cameras they were able to get that truck back to the plant within a day. This saved the company thousands of dollars, and hopefully the cameras will continue to be a great asset in the future.

Below are a few images of me setting up the cameras and me after I ran the cables through the spider web infested rafters:


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