Moriumius Week 3

This week has gone by very fast! Students on a study abroad from Michigan came and visited for a night! One of our super cool staff pals drove us into Ishinomaki the night before for a Michigan-matsuri that the students had put on the highlight their Japan experience. It was enjoyable to see some people our age. 🙂 Together, with the students, we worked on the rice patties and the new raised garden bed that I designed! We got a lot done and it was a fulfilling day!

On our day off, another intern and I went to Sendai for the first time (for me). We were able to stay two nights and explored the city in the HEATTT. By explore the city, I mean we went to McDonald’s, convenience stores, and second-hand clothing stores. It was good to get a little break from work, but also nice to return to the quiet Ogatsu after a few days in Sendai.

Most recently, the artist in residence, Camille, left Moriumius. The staff all had a great goodbye celebration for her at a okonomiyaki restaurant in Ishinomaki. I have only had okonomiyaki at home or in the States, and it as was crazy to see how many different kinds there are! Everything from mega-cheese to Hiroshima style to yakisoba filled goodness. Definitely overate…

Today we got two new interns! I have yet to talk to them much, but it will be a big change to double our intern count!

Lastly, here is a photo of the overlook that Caroline and I hiked to. Although there were many mosquitos, the 5pm views are great.

One thought on “Moriumius Week 3

  • June 8, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    It’s great that you are able to connect to other Michigan students and explore the area! It seems like you have formed a tight-knit community in just three weeks, with more sure to come with the arrival of the new interns. Congratulations on the building of the garden bed, what will your next project be?

    P.S. I’ve only had okonomiyaki in Hiroshima, and that sounds delicious!!


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