Adjusting to Life in Ghana | #3

These past few weeks have not been the most eventful. Nonetheless, I am still enjoying my time here and working with so many amazing people. Our PI’s for the research project visited for a few days to make sure that we were well adapting to life in Ghana and progressing well in the large project and our individual small projects. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Civil gave me some great feedback on my portion of the project, looking at the correlation between maternal education and child birth weight. I appreciate Dr. Civil’s work in particular and am grateful to have her as my PI. She knows that I want to go to medical school and is pushing and steering me in the direction to get my portion of the project published. She also mentions that the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion funds students to present their research at different conferences across the country. So, from this experience, I hope to have a published paper and present my work at a public health conference. I am so thankful to have such great mentors who want to see me do well and achieve my goal of becoming of physician. I have also enjoyed the small interaction with patients. I was given the opportunity to take the measurements of a newborn and got to watch the health check being administered. I was excited to be able to interact with the little adorable patient.

The first of the two weeks was a bit busier than the latter because we were coding and working on data entry for the project. We created a code for each piece of information for data entry. So, each response to the questions in the mothers survey or checkup checklist was assigned a numerical value in order to interpret the data once entered into SPSS. Once our code was created we had large meeting to go over the code for those who will work on the project after we have left Ghana.

As far as traveling in Ghana goes, this weekend we went to a monkey sanctuary. We saw the most adorable little animals. I think this was the first time I’ve been up close to a wild animal that wasn’t in captivity. Even though we spent more time getting there than we did at the sanctuary it was definitely was a great experience.

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