Blog Post no. 1 Tell us about your internship and what drew you to this specific opportunity.

There are an unspeakable number of things that attracted me to this opportunity. I had the privilege of interning on Gretchen Driskell’s campaign in 2016. While we lost, I met some of my closest friends on that campaign, in addition to amazing political connections that would help me advance in the political world in general. 
My hard work in 2016 paid off, and now I am given heightened responsibilities and am learning more every day about campaign life and what it takes to win an election. 
I knew this race would be competitive, as last cycle we received the Red to Blue distinction  making us as one of the most competitive campaigns in the entire country. Further, I enjoyed getting to know Gretchen last cycle and felt a strong connection to her message and overall grit. 
On her finance team, I help to train incoming interns who are new to the finance world of campaigns. The process entails teaching interns the best way to make calls effectively, strategies to find prospects that might be interested in our campaign, fundraiser etiquette, and more. 
Campaign life in general is fast paced, highly dynamic, and centered on team camaraderie, all aspects that I find highly appealing. I am excited to see what this opportunity will offer and am looking forward to learning more each and every day! 

One thought on “Blog Post no. 1 Tell us about your internship and what drew you to this specific opportunity.

  • June 7, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    Thanks so much for your post, Megan! I’m Jamie – Internship Coordinator for the Hub and I’ll be following your blogs over the summer. How cool that you were able to return to Gretchen Driskell’s campaign for another cycle! I imagine that even though you’re working for the same candidate that there must be a lot that changes from campaign to campaign. Do you feel like that’s the case? If so, I’m curious about how you’ve been navigating the familiarity with the changes.

    Also, super cool that you’re focusing on finance within a political campaign! When I was still an undergrad here one of my really good friends worked on a few local and national campaigns so I was fortunate to get a peek into the pace and variety of the work he was doing. I never think about the finances though – which seems silly because finances are such an integral part of any campaign! I can’t wait to learn more!


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