Section 4 Civic Blvd Apartment

My current home in Taipei, Taiwan is a lovely studio apartment in Section 4 on Civic Boulevard. Civic Boulevard is one the busy cross streets in Taiwan, so there area is always lively with scooters and taxi’s flying down the road. Right behind my apartment is a network of alley ways filled with restaurants, shops, and many pedestrians. Because Taipei is a city focused on night life, after work they alleys are packed with people. Many local boutiques are open until 10pm, so people go shopping after work. Around dinner, many carts come out with delicious snacks. On the corner that I pass on my way to my apartment from the subway station, there is a fresh kabab cart where you can pick which kebabs you would like and the women will grill them right there. She puts an amazing sauce on the grilled meats and veggies, and its the perfect dinner or snack solution.

It has definitely been a growing experience living alone. To go from the energetic world of living in college, constantly surrounded by friends, to coming home to a studio apartment was a big change for me. I believe that there have been both pros and cons to this experience. I have learned to be much more independent in living alone, but I will admit that it is sometimes lonely. However, because of the wonderful area my apartment is in, I have been pushed to meet locals and enjoy the bustling city right outside my doorstep.

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  • June 8, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    Emma, thanks for sharing some of the challenges and benefits of living alone! I agree that it can feel a little isolating, and that one benefit is that it forces you to get out of the apartment and meet new people. Has this aspect of your experience felt more challenging than adapting to the work or the heat? Enjoy the food on a stick!!


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