The first week #2

So far the internship has been quite interesting and quite different from what I had expected. First of all, the firm is far more casual than the stereotypical law firm. I would expect bland grey walls, suits, and coffee runs. Here, there is lots of color, a vibrant atmosphere between coworkers, and upon arriving in a pants suit I was told twice that while I looked fine, I could wear jeans no problem. As the firm handles cases of immigration, many of whom come from lower socioeconomic status, there is a concerted effort to be down to earth and non-imposing. The last thing they want to do is intimidate the clients so that they are not comfortable sharing their full stories so that the firm can help as much as possible.

I have sat in on many client meetings already and seen a diverse array of people and cases. This has been a fascinating experience through seeing an entirely different side of the city I have called home all my life. Immigration is incredibly complicated and important at this day in age and I have learned a lot already about what the law is like.

One thought on “The first week #2

  • August 24, 2018 at 8:24 am

    It is interesting to consider how dress impacts clients. When one thinks of Google and Apple, they think about a cool and energetic atmosphere – When thinking about your firm, clothing can suggest status and approachability. I’d be interested to hear how you adapted your dress to suit the workplace, while still feeling comfortable as a professional.


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