Whirlyball Wisdom | #1

After an hour of navigating through the busy, downtown Chicago traffic, I finally moved into my apartment at 2:00PM. But with little time to enjoy the view of the river from my 14th floor, I booked it to the office where I met my fellow interns for the summer and to depart for a game of Whirlyball.

One of the things that drew me to my specific internship was the people that I met from the company during the interview process. This Whirlyball welcome event was the perfect way to kickoff my time at Huron because it reminded me of the camaraderie and friendly-ness of everyone as we got to hang out with interns but also the recruiters who helped us on our journey to join Huron for the summer.

This summer I will be interning at Huron Consulting Group in their healthcare group. As a business and BCN dual-degree, I had always been looking for opportunities to combine my interests in healthcare and business operations. Huron Consulting Group was the perfect fit because of the operational improvement work that they help health systems and hospitals with.

Some goals and expectations I have for my internship is to be able to determine WHAT consulting really means. The term ‘consulting’ is often thrown out there as a buzz word, at least within the business school it is. So I am excited to understand the type of work that is completed in a healthcare consulting project. Secondly, I would like to learn by the end of this program if I enjoy the constant Monday – Thursday travel schedule and consulting lifestyle to take on a job like this for full-time. Lastly, I hope to develop my analytical skills by working more intensely with Excel and large data sets through my assigned project work.

I am really excited to gain this opportunity to explore Chicago, develop my professional networking skills, and be able to hopefully make a meaningful contribution to the project in order to help the team get closer to completing their goal and final deliverable to the clients.

One thought on “Whirlyball Wisdom | #1

  • June 5, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks, Coleen, for sharing your initial reflections on your time in Chicago. This sounds like a fantastic internship experience, and I’m glad that there are opportunities to connect with your fellow interns in this way. That’s great! I appreciate how you’re viewing this internship as an opportunity to see if a consulting role is right for you–as you mention, the travel schedule can be pretty grueling; some people love that, and others don’t. An internship is a great way to determine if you’re really interested in a field before you’re committed to a full time job.

    You mentioned wanting to develop your professional networking skills during the time that you’re in Chicago. I love this goal! One thing that I would push you to do is to go beyond just collecting business cards and LinkedIn connections. Invite someone in your office whose work fascinates you out for coffee or lunch, to see what they really do day-to-day. You can always ask your supervisor to connect you, just to get the ball rolling. Anyways, I hope that you have a productive and smooth start to your internship. I’m looking forward to following along as things unfold.


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