A Change of Pace l #3

This week did not get off to a promising start. On the previous Sunday, I had trekked up several mountains and in the midst of my fatigue, downed a large cup of Oolong tea that night whilst ignoring my coworker’s warning. That put me in a state where I was physically tired but mentally wide awake… which ended up in me barely getting one hour of sleep that night. Nevertheless, I still turned up to work. The backlash of this event happened on Wednesday as I woke up that morning and found out that it was 10:50am! I ended up showing up to work one and a half hours late. Even so, my boss didn’t make a big deal out of it and just asked whether I had overslept. On the brighter side, my article has finally been published! It’s on the official Jobalaya blog and social media sites for all to see. I had no idea that so many drafts would be written and that it would take two weeks to be finished.

Now that the first article is up, my boss made has me and my coworker launch a social media campaign. I’m in charge of Twitter and LinkedIn while my coworker is in charge of Facebook and Instagram. Previously, Jobalaya was not that active on social media because my boss was too busy with other things that needed to be done. Our job is to post regularly in order to attract more followers which would in turn lead to more people subscribing to Jobalaya. So far it’s been relatively straight forward and I’m glad that I’m being set a variety of tasks. This internship has been above my expectations and I’ve learnt alot in such a short period of time. I hope this momentum carries foward for the next half of this internship!

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  • June 12, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Congratulations on your article finally being published!! Make sure to save a copy of it for your own portfolio. I’m curious to see how the advice on Jobalaya compares to other career advice articles such as from the Muse or Glassdoor. Have you ever created a social media campaign? It’s amazing how much you have learned and accomplished in just a few weeks!


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