Fun in the City #2

This week was filled with many exciting adventures throughout the city of Chicago. I attended a Cubs night game at Wrigley Field, a concert at Soldier Field, and walked around the loop area for a bit getting to know the area that my building is located. My co-workers have recommended a few places around the area for me to check out during my breaks or days off which I am excited to look into. I’ve also been keeping busy at my internship with many interesting tasks and I’m certainly learning a lot about permits, compliance, and record keeping. My boss has been fantastic by putting me in contact with different people in the building who all do different jobs within the environmental field. I’ve been able to connect with people who specialize in law, policy, and science in order to learn more about what their job entails and what their journey was getting to where they are now. It has been quite insightful and I’ve learned more about what it is I want to do when I graduate.

One thought on “Fun in the City #2

  • June 8, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Karly! What a fun-filled week!? I love that your supervisor is encouraging you to network and you are learning about the jobs and journeys of your colleagues. As you continue to connect and expand your network, I encourage you to consider these resources from the University Career Center: It is great that these conversations are helping you learn more about your own interests and goals. I look forward to reading more about this internship and its impact on you professional development!


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