Getting Started at Jefferies | #1

Last week was my first week interning at Jefferies, which is an investment bank located in New York. All my life, it has been my intention to work in finance, and there is no doubt that this position will provide me with an opportunity to achieve just that. New York is a hub for not just investment banking, but finance in general. So, I was drawn to this internship and was lucky enough to receive the offer.

The week was spent getting settled and reviewing a great deal of technical information. Although a lot of this information was brand new to me, I feel that I have so far done a great job of retaining the key ideas. After all, this was one of my major goals of this internship- to gain valuable financial knowledge that I can use throughout my career. Beyond this goal, it is also my hope to get exposed to a very serious corporate environment. There is no doubt that this will be achieved, as Jefferies is more than 30 stories tall and consists of thousands of employees throughout the world. Lastly, it is my goal to receive a return offer at the end of this internship, which is very common in the industry. It is clear that starting at Jefferies full time would open up a tremendous number of opportunities in finance.

Looking forward, it is evident that I will face many challenges. For example, there is a huge learning curve in this position. Furthermore, I will have to adapt to working very long hours and being involved on many different projects/deals at once.

I cannot wait to hit the desk at Jefferies.

One thought on “Getting Started at Jefferies | #1

  • June 6, 2018 at 8:25 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    My name is Beth Bodiya and I am a Hub Coach at the Opportunity Hub; I will be following your blog posts this summer and can’t wait to hear how your internship goes. Congrats on your position with Jefferies! I’m so glad to hear that you are in the right spot to continue on your path to finance, and have the opportunity to gain inside-knowledge of the industry. Your enthusiasm for the work and experience comes across in your writing.

    Onboarding at a new job can be a lot! That’s great that you’ve been able to retain key information. Are you training with other interns, and/or is there a particular team that you’ll be part of? I’d love to hear more about the work that you’ll be doing!

    You noted a few challenges as you jump into the regular work schedule – what are your thoughts of how you might manage the long hours and learning curve?

    Having well-defined goals will serve you well throughout your internship and reflecting on what you learn – so kudos to thinking through those in advance! It sounds like your introduction to the corporate world and gaining financial knowledge is already off to a solid start. Knowing the end goal of a full time offer, are there intentional steps you can take to work toward that?

    Congrats again, and I look forward to hearing more as your internship progresses!


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