Ottawa #4: Half Way Point

One part of my identity that I am seeing in a different light after the first few weeks at my internship is how I view myself as a white woman and a feminist. I had an eye-opening moment when I went to a panel hosted by a Member of Parliament that featured several women from all types of backgrounds. One of these women was a member of the indigenous community and as part of the panel she discussed her experiences in residential schools which were a network of boarding schools for Indigenous peoples funded by the Canadian government and carried out by Christian churches. While I was listening to her story I realized how inherently privileged I was that I wasn’t subjected to the hardships that she was subjected to simply because of her race. I think that this experience helped me understand how important it is to recognize the privileges that I have and why it’s important to advocate for all women when I call myself a feminist. This panel helped me realize the importance of intersectionality and going forward I hope to do a better job at recognizing my privilege and using it to be a more informed advocate.

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  • June 18, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    Thank you, Ava. I myself am also a white feminist, and have had many similar experiences myself. It is a very important realization and something to keep in mind in every opportunity you have. Many times, our privilege will make it hard for us to recognize the intersectionality of situations, so keep practicing and keeping your eyes and ears open, as you are now. Sometimes it is harder to unlearn old things than it is to learn new things, especially when it comes to our own identities and those of our colleagues and other people we interact with. Keep up the self-reflection!


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