Since my internship has begun my expectations have changed significantly. Initially, I thought I would arrive here and everything would be smooth sailing – I would come into the lab everyday, discuss things with my mentor, get the work done, and spend my nights doing whatever I wanted to do; however, everything has taken a bit of a turn. I am basically doing all of my work on my own instead of being supervised. I have done research without constant supervision before, however since this is a new type of research for me and it is a lot of hands on work it is much more of a struggle. I have to spend a lot of time rereading and googling things in order to figure out how to identify different species that seem to look the same to me and I have to pester Prayas to check my work since he has more expertise in the subject. He doesn’t seem to mind much though, I think he likes the subject and to quote him “I help you with all of the Indian stuff and you help me with my English so I can do better on the GRE.”

I have also been doing a lot of listening to Hayley Kiyoko’s album titled Expectations because it is the only album that will play without significant buffering on my spotify. I’m not complaining though; I think the universe is trying to fill my life with gay anthems during pride month since there won’t be any celebrating here.

One final expectation I had that has been exceeded is the cuteness of the dogs here. I try not to pet them for safety reasons, but they are incredibly cute.

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  • June 7, 2018 at 8:14 pm


    Despite the difficulties you have faced and the thwarted expectations, I am extremely impressed that you have buckled down and are making the most of your situation there. It is true that we learn from adversity, but you seem to be thriving. I hope the dorm payment issue was sorted out…you should not be paying.
    I hope that work is somewhat interesting and that perhaps as time goes on, you will have more interaction in the lab.
    I hear Erin is with you there too. I’m wondering if the two of you are thinking about traveling together on the weekends. India is an amazing country with so many places to explore.




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