Home life while interning | #1

During my internship, I will be spending 8 weeks in an airBNB.  The first week of my job, I stayed in my uncle’s apartment in Manhattan, but that Sunday I moved to my airBNB in Brooklyn.  I decided to also blog my dinners and a synopsis of living there/ living on my own (adulting).

Sunday.  After getting situated in my new abode in Brooklyn, I walked over to the grocery store to buy produce and some pantry items.  For the duration of this stay, I plan on using Prime Pantry for a bulk of my food.  The small store was well stalked and prices were relatively low (something I could work with).  After getting some food, I walked back to start my meal.

I made penne pasta with cooked bell peppers, topped with Prego pasta sauce (photo).  During the cooking and eating of this meal, I was able to my 2 roommates.  One is a medical student at a university nearby and the other is an intern at Google.  They are both pleasant people which will make my stay very enjoyable.

That night I tried ironing my pants, but turns out the iron offered at the home was old and ruined.  I had to purchase an iron before dewrinkling my clothing: all apart of the experience. As usual, I found it hard to fall asleep at a reasonable time, but still got a functional amount of sleep.

One thought on “Home life while interning | #1

  • June 14, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Hi, Brianna! My name is Mike Schropp and I work at the LSA Opportunity Hub and will be following along with your blog updates and commenting as well.

    It’s great to get to see the day to day experiences you’ve had since starting your internship. It sounds like you’re getting comfortable in your new surroundings and settling in nicely. Good to hear that you’re already off to a good start with your new roommates as well, that will definitely help make your overall experience a much better one.

    Setting off on your own in the adult world can be a daunting task, but it sounds like you’re already finding your groove and doing all the things to prepare you each night and day to be ready for your internship. I look forward to hearing more about your internship and how you’re experiencing it and growing along the way.


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