Internship in Zagreb #1

This summer I will be working at the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Zagreb, Croatia for about eight weeks. I will assist on writing research papers about transitional justice within the region. The goals of this organization is to help deal with the past and reconciliation on multiple levels in Croatia. This opportunity seems perfect for me because I will build on my research skills and use the information to create new initiatives. Additionally, I am passionate about being abroad and immersing myself into new cultures, so I am excited to intern in Europe again!

One of my goals is to become more knowledgeable about Croatian history in general because I have not taken courses covering the information previously. This topic will be interesting to me because I will be researching Croatia in the 1990’s, which is less than 30 years ago! I am the most passionate about contemporary history and events so I think this is a great learning opportunity for me. Additionally, another goal is to grow my professional network and seek out others who hold positions I may want to fill after I graduate next year. This also relates to my internship position because I want to decide whether research would be something I want to continue doing.

For the most part, I see my internship as having many opportunities because everyone seems nice and willing to help me. They want me to make the most out of my short time here in Zagreb and are giving me recommendations of things to see and do. Additionally, they are helping me learn more about the Croatian history and culture in order for me to make sense of my research. Currently, I do not see any challenges because I am just excited to see what the next eight weeks holds!

One thought on “Internship in Zagreb #1

  • June 6, 2018 at 8:16 pm


    Thanks for sharing some of your initial thoughts as you begin another internship experience abroad! I think it’s fantastic that you get to take advantage of another culturally immersive experience again.

    I really appreciate how you are intending to soak up as much of Croatian culture and history as you can while you are abroad. One of the most valuable parts of an international internship experience is the immense amount of skill and experience you gain the area of cultural competency. With our world becoming ever more connected and globalized, this skill set and willingness to engage with people and customs that are unfamiliar to you will take you really far.

    You mentioned professional networking being an important task that you want to engage in during your experience. How do you think the cultural differences between you and your colleagues will affect your ability to network organically? How do you think you can learn about some cultural norms and expectations before engaging in networking conversations?

    Again, I commend you on taking the initiative to seek out some really amazing experiences. I’m looking forward to following your journey on this blog!



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