New Audience and New Opportunities #1

While I know my passion is strong, my inclination towards environmental communications is relatively new. I never saw myself as somebody who would have a career where writing was a key component. Yet I realize now that the goal of bringing people into the environmental movement is what gets me up in the morning, and producing effective messaging about environmental issues is what will help me accomplish this. With the unique content that the nonprofit I am interning with, PCI Media Impact, produces from blog posts for wildlife conservation agencies to “Education-Entertainment” videos about ozone protection, I have a wonderful opportunity to diversify and build upon my writing skills.


In my life, the vast majority of my formal writing endeavours have ultimately been written with the teacher grading them as the primary audience. Now I will be writing content for park rangers in Malawi and tweets that will have a huge impact despite their brevity. Peeling back years of writing for a grade rather than to persuade will be one of the greatest challenges at this internship.


Along with the challenge of writing for a new audience, I see a clear opportunity as well. I have experienced, learned, and practiced environmentalism in a highly privileged world. One where the threat of climate change is not as ominous and it is easier to make sacrifices in diet or commodity for the sake of the environment. Now I must try to put myself in the shoes of a diverse range of people interested in environmental protection whose environmentalism is worlds different than mine. This can only help in my eyes. I look forward to learning from and preparing materials for a new audience as I move forward with my internship.

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  • July 3, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for sharing! My name is Jake Albers. I am an Alumni & Employer Engagement Manager with the LSA Opportunity Hub. I will be reading and providing feedback on your blogs this summer. I am glad to hear that your internship is providing you with an opportunity to hone your writing skills meanwhile pursuing your passion for the environmental movement. A large part of your internship is to apply what you have learned in the classroom into the professional world. Conversely, your internship will provide you with an opportunity to apply your professional experience into your academic pursuits. Think about how you will apply what you have learned this summer into the classroom this fall and beyond. Having empathy for how differently environmental threats will impact other societies is key to growing your sense of cultural relativism; and will help you understand the broader context today and into the future. I look forward to learning more about the challenges and growth opportunities you will encounter throughout your internship. Keep up the great work! – Jake


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