Settling In | Week 1

The first week in Japan has been very promising. We have been given a house to share with another foreign intern and are picked up at 8 am to begin our work day. The first night of the week we had spent in Japan, the 30th of May, we had dinner with the President of Kiuchi Brewery as a welcome. The next day, Thursday the 31st, we were given a tour of the brewery and taken shopping for groceries and a few supplies we’d need for our work in the brewery. Starting Friday and using the normal Monday through Friday work week, I began working at the brewery.


Currently I am cleaning the brewing tanks and it is work that gives a deep satisfaction that I wouldn’t have assumed I would receive. I am learning how the tanks work and how to brew beer as I have to transfer beers among stages in the brewing process besides just cleaning the tanks. The foreign intern I am living with is actually my mentor and it is comforting having a familiar face to teach me. I have also been pulled to put in hops at the beginning of the process and have worked on the canning line at the end. The whole brewing process has been exposed to me,


I had chosen this internship for the specific reason to learning brewing along with practicing Japanese. I have many coworkers who are unable to clearly give instruction in English because they haven’t needed to use the language since high school. They appreciate my knowledge of Japanese as it makes both of our lives easier. As stated above, I have also learned many things of the brewing process and am feeling that the opportunities this internship offers are exactly what I was hoping for.

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