Portugal – Week 2

Despite being nervous to teach my first classes, I think my first week of teaching went really well. The students are all really kind and seem enthusiastic about learning English. I have a wide range of students which makes it interesting to teach and I think will be good to have different perspectives in the classroom. Most of them are Masters or Ph.D. students but a few are undergraduates or working adults. I taught one course at each campus- it was a bit confusing setting everything up in the classroom at the other campus but I figured it out. Planning the classes before teaching was a bit difficult because I didn’t know how long the lessons would take but they took about the correct amount of time and now I have a better idea for planning the coming weeks. Because the class period is 2.5 hours I was really worried my lesson wouldn’t take long enough, but it seems that if I give the students interesting topics they are able to talk for a while. I’m looking forward to working with the students and seeing their improvements in the language.

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