Softball and Spreadsheets | #4

This week started off with the weekly company softball game. Last week we had gotten our first win of the season, and we played the best team in the league. We got out to a quick 6-0 lead, but ended up getting mercied. Even though many of the guys on the team played college sports, their athletic abilities don’t translate well to slow pitch softball. I’m a big golfer so my softball swing isn’t very good either. It is still fun getting to know the guys I work with better in a non office settin.
One of the guys graduated from Michigan a couple years ago so we hit it off and had a lot in common. He graduated from Ross and had an offer to work for a really big company but he chose National Nail to stay closer to home. He said that he doesn’t regret the decision because at NN he is able to have a larger impact than he would have had at the other company. That was cool to hear, because sometimes I think that if I don’t work for a huge company then I would have wasted having a UM degree. I always wanted to move away and find a job out of state because I was bored of my hometown, but it wasn’t until I left for college that I really began to love and miss Grand Rapids.
If I haven’t said it already National Nail is a really small company. So small that I get to see and interact with the CEO on a daily basis. We had a meeting with my supervisor to talk about another project for me. I will continue to help Chris with the CRM transition, but I will also be working on a project to identify potential sales that we are missing out with our current customers. This project was fun because I had to communicate with the regional sales managers across the country to develop plans and spreadsheets for their salesman. I learned a lot about google sheets and excel from this project, and also how to work with others remotely from across the country.
After one month I am very happy with the progress that I have made. When I am not working on a project I have time for independent learning. I am trying to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build to my repertoire. A lot of the concepts are similar to what I am doing in my CS classes, but the syntax is completely different. The senior programmer, Zac, helps me out and has given me good resources to look at. I don’t expect to be able to write a sophisticated web page by the end of the summer, but I am learning enough to make me a better overall programmer.

Here is a picture of the office, and behind the building is a couple of warehouses used for inventory storage, packaging, and shipping.

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