Becoming a Regular Here in Ghana | #4

Wow it’s hard to believe that my trip is almost halfway over. It feels like just yesterday we got to Ghana. At this point I am trying to make the most of my time here left. I want to have my abstract before I leave written, get on a workout routine while eating health (so far has been very hard here), study for the MCAT, find out what I am going to do for the rest of my life, etc. I am trying to do a lot, but anyway I really am enjoying my time here with some pretty amazing people.

This past week has for the most part been the same as last few weeks, nothing out of the ordinary. Thursday was a pretty busy day for us. Annie and I got to administer surveys to two women without supervision because the women were both well-educated and spoke English pretty well. So that was nice to be able to interact directly with the mothers. I also really enjoy seeing the little tiny babies. It has me thinking about my future and making me want kids, but not anytime soon though. I need to be financially stable before I start a family. Anyway, seeing the mothers learn about breast feeding and kangaroo mother care has been interesting. It seems that these women learn a lot from these videos. These videos hopefully will help their babies grown into fully health functioning children.

This past weekend we went to Accra to go to Ghana Meets Naija, a concert that showcases Ghanaian and Nigerian artists and then a person along with their county is crowned a winner. The beginning of the concert was kind of boring and I was really exhausted (we had gone out the previous night and got back at 4 AM, but that’s another story). That was a bad combo and I may or may not have fallen asleep a few times during the concert. In my defense, these were songs I have never heard of in my life which made it hard to vibe to and because they were opening act they weren’t, expectantly, as good as the artists who were the meat of the concert. This concert nonetheless was very entertaining. We got to see some of Ghana’s and Nigeria’s biggest music artists which was really fun. I have really grown to love this genre of music and will most definitely continue to listen to it when I get back to the states.

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