Guest Speaker | #5

This week was more IT and help desk work then normal. I worked with Jeff to replace some imaging units in printers, and we helped resolve some computer issues for some employees. We are also having a guest speaker come in so we had to test our audio and visual systems to make sure they worked with the presentation. The microphone was a nightmare to get figured out, and they said they always have trouble with it. I worked at the Michigan Union my first two years, and I did a lot of this type of AV troubleshooting there. We were able to fix the issues and we thoroughly tested the equipment because the CEO was upset after the technical issues during the last guest speaker visit.
The guest speaker, Dr. Tim Irwin, is a psychologist and works as a consultant for many fortune 500 companies. A few of the companies he’s worked for are Coca-Cola and Chick-Fli-A, so National Nail had these companies cater our lunch. The food was great, and Dr. Irwin’s presentation was even better. All of the employees were in our large multipurpose room for the talk, and he talked about leadership, his new bool, and how to motivate others. I enjoyed listening to him, and I learned a lot that I have been trying to implement in my daily life. They like to bring speakers like this in every couple of months, and I think its awesome how NN cares so much about its culture and employees to spend this time and money on personal development.

At the beginning of the meeting the CEO gave a short presentation about the company’s performance over the last month and other important announcements. At the end he always talks about who “came up in his meetings”. He uses this time to talk about individuals who went above and beyond their assignments and had a big impact on the company. I think this is a great idea because at most companies good work sometimes goes unnoticed. Every person who was talked about immediately had a huge smile, and this positive reinforcement is going to make them want to continue to do great work. I’m very impressed by the leadership at National Nail, and the awesome culture is a direct result of the supportive executives.
This week, my department went out for breakfast to celebrate a birthday and as a send off to two employees that were taking long vacations. The breakfast was on the company, and that was the 5th or 6th meal they have treated me to. I didn’t take the internship solely for the free food, but it is a huge plus.



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