Portugal- Week 3

I can’t believe I’ve finished my second week of teaching and that I’m already halfway done with the teaching portion of my internship. It is going well for the most part. Occasionally, there are concepts that are difficult to explain but I am getting better at it. One challenge I am experiencing is the difference between the classes. The class at the Azurém campus has fewer students and is generally much quieter. This makes it difficult to teach and facilitate sometimes because participation is absolutely necessary for a conversation course. I’m trying to find ways to get them to feel more comfortable speaking or be more willing to participate. One other challenge is the range of levels within the courses. Although the courses are supposed to be the B2 level, some of the students aren’t necessarily at this level. As a result, when pairing students up I need to make sure that their levels are similar to one another to make sure that everyone has a chance to practice speaking.  Other than this, the classes are going well and I’m really enjoying meeting people outside of my internship. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.

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