Halfway Done | #5

This past week has been quite fun. This week although there wasn’t much for me to do at work because we didn’t really have that many patients to recruit and because there wasn’t really any of the women coming back for their 48 hours follow up. So, a few days this week we would go into work and wait an hour to find out that there was nothing for us to do so we were just sent home. However, I do try to be productive in my free time. I have been working through my MCAT books, working out, and trying to read a book a week. Although we did spend that much time at the hospital it was pretty rewarding to interact with the women that we did recruit. One women spoke French better than she spoke English so I was asked to translate. Knowing that medical terminology is out of the scope of my knowledge, I attempted to translate, but she couldn’t understand a thing that I was saying. Maybe it was an accent thing. I really don’t know. We came back the MBU (mother and baby unit) to find the baby of the same mother I encountered the day before was sick and that her child need medicine that they couldn’t afford so the workers in the hospital, including myself, help to pool together enough money to buy the medicine for this woman’s child. Although small this brought me a lot of joy and the mother was very grateful.

Another highlight of my week was Sandra, the fruit lady, making me dinner. It was completely unexpected. I was just going to drop off some laundry, and she basically forces me to eat her food and it was delicious. It was pasta with some type a sauce that was very spicy, and fish. She was so nice she saw that my mouth was burning and offered to give me the last of her water to cool my mouth.

Although my work has been pretty slow this week at least my weekend was pretty eventful. Since Friday was a holiday and there were no women for the 48-hour check-up Jumi and I were given the day off. Keeping up with my goal of trying to be productive, I decided that I would spend a good portion of the day studying for the MCAT, and an hour or two in, I got a knock on my door from Jasmine, another MHIRT student asking if I wanted to go to Cape Coast and that they were leaving in an hour. I was a bit hesitant to go but thought what else would I be doing here in Kumasi, so I packed my clothes and decided to just go, and I’m glad I did. It was a very entertaining weekend. We dance, chilled at the beach, may or may not have had a few sips of alcohol, and played some beach volleyball.

I hope that there will be more for us to do at the hospital because this past week was a bit boring. But if not, at least there is another mini-vacation that awaits at the end of next week. So that gives me something to look forward to. This next week I really want start knocking out some of the shopping for souvenirs. Anyway, I am excited for progression on our project next week.

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  • August 30, 2018 at 10:54 am

    Wow! Reading through your posts I’ve been amazed at the amount of things you’ve been doing on your internship. Really impressive work and dedication on your part.

    It’s awesome to see how you’ve been able to take so much of your internship experience and really make the most of it. From your time focused on the actual work, to just exploring everything around you and the country itself. It sounds like you’ve made a lot of meaningful connections as well and those experiences have helped you grow in a variety of ways. Thank you for sharing so much in your posts, it’s bee great to read through your experiences and see first hand into your internship.

    Keep up the great work!


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