Final week at Moriumius

I am late to write this due to the overwhelming number of opportunities and activities in Tokyo, but I will now conclude on my last week at Moriumius.

To begin, I would like to say something that I probably have already said before in these blogs. It is always said that you can’t run away from your problems, but I truly ran from my problems to Japan and it worked out very well for me. It forced me to put a lot of things into perspective. Though this isn’t directly correlated to my work at this internship, I learned to trust the process and to not worry so much about little things that can’t be helped. I will try to remember this going through the rest of my time as a student at Michigan. UM is really hard and competitive and stressful all the time, but I should just focus on trying my best and not compare myself to others. I am rambling but I did a lot of reflecting during this internship and I felt like it would be good to express it here.


In my last week, the other interns and staff organized a slight dinner party for everyone to hang out outside of work. At this time, several different staff members made delicious food, and I learned how to make dango (it didn’t turn out very well but it was a decent attempt).

~a candid dinner party shot w my fav roomie~

I also helped some of the other interns plant tomatoes in the new farm

Two new interns arrived at Moriumius during my last week there, and we became close within a matter of days. Every night in the girls house was full of laughs :).

An iconic Ogatsu girl gang.

My last week was super memorable and I almost shed a tear as I was leaving the mountains for the last time.

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