From Ann Arbor to the Land Down Under | #3

I am halfway through my journey here in Sydney, Australia and I must admit, while at times I can feel a bit homesick, it is always helpful when I go out into the city and explore all the beautiful sights it has to offer. I had no idea how big Sydney really is, if you drive one direction you can find the coast, travel north and you will find a vibrant city, but travel south and you can find mysterious jungle paths to hike through. Sydney really is such a diverse city.  There is never a dull moment here. I feel that after a few weeks of getting accustomed to the Aussie lifestyle, I have finally found a balance between my work life and free time.  I have pushed myself out of my shell both in and out of the workplace. My first few works were pretty busy. Much more than what I expected for an intern. Part of me feared I would be put to do “grunt work” but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that was not the case. I actually have a few projects I’m working on. My biggest one right now has taken the biggest time commitment. My responsibilities include implementing new technology in J&J Medical devices across the country and minimizing costs of such technology for the firm and the client, in this case, the surgeons. It is a fast paced but also fun environment to be around. It involves a lot of analytics and operations terminology that is used to make the transition from the old to new technology. The transition period is long which can be frustrating having to wait for the data I need to be collected and recorded. But if there’s one thing I have learned so far is that patience is a virtue, even in such a fast paced environment like the one I am in. I have oftentimes found myself coming into the office early or leaving late. Wanna know the crazy part? I do not mind it at all, in fact, I actually enjoy it. Do not worry though, I still have plenty of time to explore the city. There are so many beaches in every direction. My favorite one so far has been Bondi Beach, the meeting grounds for most surfing competitions around here. Whenever I find myself needing a break from everything around me, I am most often found near the ocean enjoying the coastal views.

One thought on “From Ann Arbor to the Land Down Under | #3

  • August 7, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    It sounds like you’ve really gotten to take on some exciting projects, Erica! I would be so curious to know some of the things you have learned during this experience.

    I’m really glad to hear that you’re still able to take time to enjoy yourself. Sydney sounds like a really beautiful and fun place to be doing an internship.



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