Guimarães Bus Gone- Week 4

This week was quite stressful when I missed the bus to Guimarães- the other campus where I teach one of my classes. It was a scramble to email my class and catch the next bus but it worked out in the end. On top of this, my supervisor observed 2 of my classes this week. This part, however, went really well. Rather than simply observing, he decided to interact and take part in the conversations that we had in class which made the class more interesting and interactive. During one class, we spoke about movies and TV shows and in the other we talked about travel. Both classes seemed to find these topics interesting and it wasn’t a problem to keep the conversations going. My supervisor seemed pleased with my classes and despite a rough week because of missing the bus it turned out really well in the end. I only have one more week of teaching and then I move into the Portuguese course. I think that I will miss teaching, but not necessarily taking the bus to Guimarães.

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