Before the Internship | #1

In the search for an internship this summer, I wasn’t exactly sure where to look. Many of the programmes that I was interested in did not accept rising sophomores, so I decided to apply for ones locally in my hometown of Wichita, KS. BRZ Investments is a property management firm that mainly specialises in apartments and self-storage facilities. I was largely unfamiliar with the world of property management so venturing into this industry could perhaps be an eye-opening adventure.

Before the internship, I believed that I would largely play an important role since my job description as an IT support consultant was rather basic—essentially, I was tasked with ameliorating any user-end issues with technology. Due to this, I began the internship believing that this was merely a method to build some career experience, but the jobs I eventually became tasked with turned into a notable event for my personal development as well. 

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